Alex Reid’s biggest fight!

10 03 2010

The cross dressing, former Hollyoaks star turned professional Mixed Martial Artist, who shot to fame for dating Katie Price, and then winning over the voyeristic british public during this years celebrity Big Brother, will meet Tom ‘Kong’ Watson for the BAMMA Middleweight Title on May 15th. The Fight will be held at the 14,000 seat LG Arena in Birmingham, England, and will be shown live on Bravo. This is by far Alex Reid’s biggest fight, especially considering, he hasnt won a MMA fight since 2005, with his last win coming against Kyosuke Sasaki. He’s lost his last 6 MMA fights, but because of his sudden rise in popularity, he is being granted a title shot at one of Englands top prospects. While most of the British public have certainly warmed to ‘The Reidernator’, it remains to be seen if fight fans have forgiven him for his in ring actions against the 19 year old newcomer Jake Bostwick. Loaded magazine reported that after a K-1 rules fight against Bostwick, in which Reid was victorious, he proceeded to stand on Bostwicks head while he was recieving medical attention and flex his muscles for the media. Bostwick’s father was reported to have jumped into the cage and punched Alex Reid. While a title shot sounds great for Reid, it’s a fight he doesnt stand much chance of winning, which begs the question, how much is he being paid? Rather than build Reid up slowly with some less caliber fighters, BAMMA have decided to use him as a fall guy, and make Tom ‘Kong’ Watson famous off of Reid’s name. If Reid was serious about his MMA career. he would’nt have taken this fight, but I’m sure we’ll see him in some low budget movies and TV ads before the years end. I don’t follow British MMA and this certianly isnt a fight thats going to get me interested.




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