Tito Ortiz UFC 115 post fight excuse revealed

16 03 2010

Two days ago Fighters Only magazine reported that Tito Ortiz has withdrawn from his scheduled third encounter with ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell at UFC 115. At first, no official reason was given as to why Ortiz had pulled out from having his third ass whipping from ‘The Iceman’, but Fighters Only were saying that both Chuck Liddell and Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin had verbally agreed to meet instead. This comes about after Franklin had to step in and replace Ortiz as a coach during the filming of this seasons ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Dana White was quick to squash this story, saying that Ortiz and Liddell will still face off at UFC 115 and that Rich Franklin will meet UFC Hall of Famer Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture. This story refused to go away, and adding fuel to the fire, has been Ortiz and his Wife Jenna Jameson’s Twitter Posts, with Ortiz bitching as usual, and then Jenna Jameson wishing her hubby to get better quickly while he’s in hospital. As it turns out Ortiz has FLU, not HIV as some rumours suggest. He revealed his status 20 minutes ago on his Twitter page, and that he will still be facing Chuck at UFC 115. Fight fans will be sickened to hear that Ortiz will be carrying another excuse into his third meeting with ‘The Iceman’ .  ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ has become almost famed for his post fight excuses should he lose a fight. In his last fight, a rematch with former UFC Lightweight Champion, and season 1 winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Forrest Griffin, Ortiz had repeatedly stated leading up to the fight, that since having back surgery, he was now injury free, in perfect condition, totally prepared and is the best he’s ever been. After his disappointing performance, and unanimous decision loss to Griffin, Ortiz stated in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan that he got injured in his training camp, was only able to spar once, and that he entered the fight with a cracked skull. It’s fair to assume that Ortiz will still take the fight with Liddell, saying that he’s a warrior and that flu wont stop him competing. Then after Liddell knocks Ortiz out for the third time, expect the crying to begin!

Updated: Tito was hospitalized because he belived he had swine flu, but as it turns out, it was just normal flu. Nothing a few tablespoons on calpol cant fix!




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