UFC 115 update, Tito Ortiz out?

7 04 2010


Sherdog are now stating on their website that it will indeed be Rich Franklin to face Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 this June. Dana White is still adamant that Tito is fighting Chuck, but after checking the UFC website, the Liddell vs. Ortiz fight has been taken off the lineup. It remains to be seen whats going to happen. Ortiz was scheduled to face Chuck Liddell for the third time this coming June. Ortiz though, was struck down with a serious case of man flu halfway through the filming of this season’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ (bless him, he thought he had swine flu) and was replaced by Rich Franklin. Fighter’s only magazine were first to report that Franklin would be taking Ortiz’ place at UFC 115. Dana White and Tito were quick to squash these rumours, saying he would still be fighting, but with Sherdog changing their UFC 115 lineup, and the Liddell vs. Ortiz fight taken off the UFC’s website, it may appear that Ortiz is struggling to return to full health. Fan’s have been divided on whether they want to see a third encounter between the two UFC legends, with Chuck winning both the previous fights. I myself was looking forward to seeing Chuck back in the Octagon, but a third win over Ortiz wouldn’t really prove to anyone whether he still has what it takes to make another run for the title. But then again would a win over a former Middleweight Champion who’s coming off a loss to Vitor Belfort, whom Chuck beat back at UFC 37.5 prove any more credible for ‘The Iceman’. If Chuck is serious about working towards a Title Shot, then maybe the fight that really makes sense is to pull Thiago Silva from his UFC 116 fight against Ryan Bader, and move him up to fight Liddell at UFC 115. Chuck wants to be Lightheavyweight Champion within 3 fights, and a win over Silva, who’s coming off a decision loss to Rashad Evans would put him straight in the mix.

Update: Heavy.com are now reporting that the UFC are considering Liddell vs. Couture 4. Liddell is 2-1 against Randy Couture, and a fourth fight makes little sense. If Couture was to win, then surely it would be 2-2 between them, meaning the UFC would have no choice but to drag out a 5th encounter between the two ageing fighters. While both fighters are two of the UFC’s biggest draws and would probably do decent numbers, lets hope this isn’t the fight UFC decide on.

Update 7/4/10: Dana White has just confirmed today to mmafighting.com that the Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz fight scheduled for UFC 115 taking place at the GM Arena in Vancouver. ‘The definite main event is Tito vs. Chuck Liddell. That’s definitely the main event.’ UFC, as of now, have yet to update the UFC 115 lineup on their website.

Update 12/4/10: Just minutes after annoucing that UFC 115 had sold out in record time in just 30 mins, the UFC also announces that Tito Ortiz is indeed out of his scheduled third encounter with ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell. Rich Franklin will step in for his first Octagon appearance since his first round knockout loss to Vitor Belfort last September at UFC 103.


Tito Ortiz UFC 115 post fight excuse revealed

16 03 2010

Two days ago Fighters Only magazine reported that Tito Ortiz has withdrawn from his scheduled third encounter with ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell at UFC 115. At first, no official reason was given as to why Ortiz had pulled out from having his third ass whipping from ‘The Iceman’, but Fighters Only were saying that both Chuck Liddell and Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin had verbally agreed to meet instead. This comes about after Franklin had to step in and replace Ortiz as a coach during the filming of this seasons ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Dana White was quick to squash this story, saying that Ortiz and Liddell will still face off at UFC 115 and that Rich Franklin will meet UFC Hall of Famer Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture. This story refused to go away, and adding fuel to the fire, has been Ortiz and his Wife Jenna Jameson’s Twitter Posts, with Ortiz bitching as usual, and then Jenna Jameson wishing her hubby to get better quickly while he’s in hospital. As it turns out Ortiz has FLU, not HIV as some rumours suggest. He revealed his status 20 minutes ago on his Twitter page, and that he will still be facing Chuck at UFC 115. Fight fans will be sickened to hear that Ortiz will be carrying another excuse into his third meeting with ‘The Iceman’ .  ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ has become almost famed for his post fight excuses should he lose a fight. In his last fight, a rematch with former UFC Lightweight Champion, and season 1 winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Forrest Griffin, Ortiz had repeatedly stated leading up to the fight, that since having back surgery, he was now injury free, in perfect condition, totally prepared and is the best he’s ever been. After his disappointing performance, and unanimous decision loss to Griffin, Ortiz stated in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan that he got injured in his training camp, was only able to spar once, and that he entered the fight with a cracked skull. It’s fair to assume that Ortiz will still take the fight with Liddell, saying that he’s a warrior and that flu wont stop him competing. Then after Liddell knocks Ortiz out for the third time, expect the crying to begin!

Updated: Tito was hospitalized because he belived he had swine flu, but as it turns out, it was just normal flu. Nothing a few tablespoons on calpol cant fix!

Strikeforce bend over for Fedor and M-1

6 03 2010

Rumours have been rife of recent weeks when it was announced Fedor Emelianenko would not be comepeting at Strikeforce ‘Nashville live on CBS’ on April 17th. With the depature of Gegard Mousasi, from M-1 Globals ranks, and Dana White’s recent comments saying he will sign Fedor, many believed ‘The Last Emperor’s’ tenue with Strikeforce was done and he could be heading Brock Lesnars way. As it turns out, M-1 Global (Fedor’s managment company, who he has a part ownership stake in) were not happy at the way their company was presented to fans and media during their first co-promoted event with Strikeforce last November. Agreements have now been reached by both Strikeforce and M-1 Global to ensure better brand recognition for M-1 during their next co-promoted event which could take place as early as June. Fedor is still scheduled to fight Fabricio Werdum for what should be a No.1 Contender’s shot at Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Champion Alistair Ubereem, sorry I mean Overeem. That of course lead’s to more demands from M-1. Should Fedor be successful against Werdum, and Overeem have no troubles with Brett Rogers, Then the two will be on course to meet for the yet to be defended Heavyweight Title. Overeem has been absent from U.S soil since winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Title in 2007 against Paul Buentello. Since that time he has also put on around 50 pounds of muscle, and has been competing for Dream and K-1 in Japan (where there is no athletic commision or drug testing.) M-1 are now demanding that should a fight between Fedor and Ubereem take place, stringent drug testing must be enforced prior to the event to ensure no steroid cycling.

While it’s debatable if the Dutch powerhouse has been on a large diet of steroids the past few years, he certainly has put on a huge amount of muscle, and has looked increasingly impressive in his recent Dream and K-1 fights. While it is without question Fedor Emelianenko is the No.1 Heavyweight in the world, in order to keep that status he needs to keep fighting top level competition, a goal it seems M-1 does not want him to do. Fedor is their most valuble commidity and a loss on his record could seriously damage his image and marketability. He has two fights left on his contract with Strikeforce, predictably against Werdum and Overeem. Overeem presents Fedor’s most dangerous fight in years, and M-1 Global are clearly nervous of ‘The Dutch ‘Demolition Man’, and it’s unlikely the two will ever meet. Fedor could do well and follow Gegard Mousasi’s footsteps and leave M-1 behind, opening up the door to the UFC, the top heavweights in the world, and the perfect place to finish off his legacy!

Note: While Gegard Mousasi and M-1 parted ways due to Mousasi not being offered a contract similar to Fedor’s, he has recently been training with Georges St-Pierre, and once his fight contract expires with Strikeforce, the door to UFC will most definatly be open to him.