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UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy. Saturday, March 27

This saturday, the UFC heads to Newark, New Jersey for UFC 111, where british slugger Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy will receive the ass-whopping of a lifetime against pound for pound great, and UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre, and Frank Mir hopes to get one step closer to his rubber match with Brock Lesnar with a battle of the giants against Shane Carwin, for the Interim Heavyweight Title.

Fabricio ‘Morango’ Camoes vs. Kurt ‘Batman’ Pellegrino

Fabricio Camoes, a 2nd degree black belt under Royler Gracie, comes into his fight against Pellegrino with a 10-4 record. Camoes only notable win comes against former Cage Rage Lightweight Champion Jean Silva, in the finals of Super Challenge 1, a three fight tournament back in 2006. 6 of Camoes’ 10 wins come by way of submission. Kurt Pellegrino, also likes to get his opponents to say ‘uncle’ with 9 of his 14 wins coming via submission, but with a decorated wrestling background behind him, he should be able to dictate where the fight goes.

While Camoes has the edge in Jiu Jitsu, expect Pellegrino to use his superior wrestling to grind out a tough fought decision against Camoes

Best Line: Kurt Pellegrino -250 @ Bodog

Mark Bocek vs. Jim Miller

Jim Miller is the bookies over-whelming favourite in what should be another ground clinic. Bocek, who learned Jiu Jitsu from Rickson and Renzo Gracie comes into this fight with a much stronger ground game, where as Miller, who’s only been training MMA since 2005, has learned the fight game incredibly quickly, and is well on his way to becoming one of the top 155 pounders in the UFC. Some people are just born to be fighters, and that’s never been so true as with Jim Miller, while still only a brown belt in BJJ, 10 of his 16 wins have all come by submission. Miller’s only two blemishes on his record come from UFC Lightweight Title Challenger Frankie Edgar back in 2006, and most recently, against Gray Maynard at UFC 96. No one has been able to finish Miller yet, but he’s never faced anyone with a ground game as good as Bocek’s.

I always have the urge to bet against the bookies favourite, especially when you have a sick ground game and your odds are +325.

Best Line: Mark Bocek +325 @ Bodog

Jon Fitch vs. Ben Saunders

With Thiago Alves out due to an irregularity showing up in a pre fight CT scan, Ben Saunders has been pulled from his scheduled fight with Jake Ellenberger, to face the number 2 Welterweight Jon Fitch in a match that no-one will be interested in. The hype surrounding this fight was based on Thiago Alves avenging his loss to Fitch back at Ultimate Fight Night 5, instead Ben Saunders has the chance to make himself famous off of Jon Fitch’s name. Saunders, turned heads back at UFC 106 by becoming the first man to knock out Marcus Davis, essentially making amends for his own knock out loss to Fitch’s AKA teammate Mike Swick. Unfortunately Saunders will find himself completely outclassed against the former NCAA division 1 wrestler. Fitch has been extremely dominating since entering the UFC in 2005 going on a 8 fight win streak until facing his 1 and only loss in the octagon against Georges St-Pierre. His most recent win was against Mike Pierce at UFC 107, winning by Decision. Fans are quickly becoming bored by Fitch’s lack of desire (or perhaps inability) to finish fights with 11 of his 21 career wins coming by way of decision. That being said, he’s still arguably the 2nd best welterweight in the world.

Fitch has promised that’s he’s going to try to finish Saunders, and he most definitely has the skills to do so, but whether the fight ends by KO, submission, or decision, it will be Jon Fitch’s hand raised at the end.

Best Line: Jon Fitch -350 @ BetUS Sportsbook

Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin

It will be like King Kong meets Godzilla inside the Octagon this saturday when these two heavyweight goliaths clash. Shane Carwin has been on an incredible roll, going 11-0 in his MMA career, finishing all his opponents in the first round with his longest fight going a mere 2:11 seconds. His most recent win comes against Gabriel Gonzaga. Early in the fight, Carwin was rocked by the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ace, and showed what could be a suspect chin, but managed to regain exposure and knock out Gonzaga with a straight right hand in just 69 seconds. Carwin has serious power in his 4XL gloves, and it’s only going to take one punch to send Mir to the canvas. It’s not just Carwins size or punching power Frank Mir needs to be aware of. Carwin was the NCAA Division II National Heavyweight Champion back in 1999 and while we’ve yet to see his wrestling game inside the Octagon, should he need to, he will have no trouble taking Frank Mir down. Mir though has been on an incredible comeback since his motorcycle accident in 2004. After struggling against ‘Pa De Pano’ and Brandon Vera, Mir has shown much improved conditioning and striking and has amassed wins over Antoni Hardonk, Brock Lesnar, ‘Big Nog’ and most recently Cheick kongo. Mir has looked like a new fighter, and continues to improve with every fight, and has become almost obsessed with getting a rubber match against the UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. The fight between Mir and Carwin has been made for the Interim Heavyweight Title, (which makes no sense as Lesnar is now healthy and should be able to defend his title) meaning the fight is scheduled for 5 rounds, although don’t expect it to last that long.

I’m a huge Mir fan, and while Carwin may have dynamite in his hands, his striking is still sloppy. Expect Mir to knock Carwin down, and submit him in the 2nd round.

Best Line: Frank Mir – 155 @ BetUS Sportsbook

Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre vs. Dan ‘Outlaw’ Hardy

Dan Hardy gets the chance of a lifetime this saturday against Geroges St-Pierre. Most are surprised that he was granted a title shot altogether, but then again, most people were surprised that he beat Mike Swick. Hardy is proof that British MMA is not just bald tattooed thugs in a cage, like the media make out. Instead, he’s part of a new breed of british fighters, – world-class athletes, that are disciplined in all areas of the fight game. Hardy started training Tae Kwon Do when he was 6 years old, giving him a taste for Martial Arts. That led him to training in China for 2 months with the Shoalin Monks in 2002. Upon his return he decided he wanted to make a career out of MMA , dropping out of his Art and Design Degree at Nottingham University. Not just a striking Specialist, Hardy has recently been awarded his Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Eddie Bravo. Hardy is a great spokesman for British MMA and a huge win over Georges St-Pierre would not only benefit himself, but would go along way in recognising Mixed Martial Arts as a legitimate sport in the U.K. Unfortunately for the ‘Outlaw’ that’s not likely to happen. His best chance is to try to keep the fight standing, but unlike Mike Swick, I’m sure St-Pierre will have no trouble in learning Hardy’s predictable striking patterns, and knocking Hardy out. St-Pierre, who is not only arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world, but perhaps the best athlete in the world. A 3rd degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate, Black Belt in BJJ, as well as being the best wrestler in Mixed Martial Arts, ‘Rush’ brings to the cage more skills than any other fighter. He has dominating wins over Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, Josh Koshceck, John Fitch, Matt Sera and BJ Penn, all of whom are much better fighters than the ‘Outlaw’.

St-Pierre has the tools to win this fight wherever he likes. That being said, he’s a clever fighter and knows Hardy hits hard, and doesn’t want to make the same mistake he did against Matt Serra back at UFC 69. St-Pierre will wear Hardy down with his wrestling, and relentless body work on the ground, and get a win by TKO as Hardy wont be able to last the full 5 rounds.

Best Line: Georges St-Pierre -650 @ Bodog


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